Roman and Greek mythology, some of the oldest recorded stories of humankind, passed down from generation to generation, incorporated and embraced from culture to culture, are more than just entertaining stories - they are the revelation of the nature of man, wrapped in a diety's cloak.  

This story of Saturn, especially, reveals the very human strengths and weaknesses of mankind.  Even after thousands of years, truths first recorded in 3,000 BC are inspirational and apposite today.

Rebirth of the Titans embraces the Greek and Roman saga of the children of Saturn, and conjurs them with a contemporary eye, bringing to life the offspring of the diety, with their optomistic vision of victory over almost unsumoutable odds, revealing the god and the demons within.

Hestia/Vesta, goddes of the hearth.  First born, killed, and reborn with the core strengths of modesty and charity; rarely depicted in human form, personified by the purification of fire, she is the guardian of  people, creator and protector of sanctuary.

Demeter/Ceres - goddess of the harvest and fertility, is represented by spelt or hulled wheat.  Known as the law-bringer, presiding over the sacred law and cycle of life and death.

Juno/Hera, the bride, protector and scepcial councelor of the state.  A warrior represented by the peacock, sheidled by ageis with the head of a gorgon (the mortal Medusa, and immortal stheno and euryale who were turned into gorons for defending their sister after the rape of poseidon), with the sound as from a myriad of roaring dragons.

Hades/Pluto - the unseen one, oldest son of Saturn/Ops Cronus/Rhea he is the ruler of the underworld, presiding over the universality of death, with his wife Persephone, receives the souls in the  afterlife. Portayed with his three-headed dog Cerberus. 

Poseidon/Neptune - god of the sea, earthquakes and creator of horse from his affair with medusa, protector of seafarers and father of the cyclops.  Armed with a three pronged speare, a trident, in a charriot pulled by horses

Jupiter/Zeus -  god of the thunder and sky, king of the gods, avenger of his siblings, the only offspring of Saturn not consumed by the father. Represented by a thunderbolt, oak tree and the eagle, is a divine witness to oaths and the sacred trust on which justice and good government depend.

                                                                                    A work in progress