It has always been my intention to keep the series Wilderness of Salt intact until its completion. 

I am compelled, however, due to the recent events at Standing Rock, and attacks against the Native American Water Protectors, to lend my own efforts toward their cause. 

It is in that spirit that I am offering for sale a key image from the series, a painting titled Nuna Daul Isynyi Trail of Tears .   Proceeds from this sale will be donated in support of the people protesting at Standing Rock. This gift is in honor of the indigenous lives, their sacred waters, and our precious climate, and the protestor's efforts to permanently reject the Dakota Access Pipeline.

Nuna Daul Isynyi Trail of Tears reflects on the genocide of the Native American populations at the hands of the United States of America in the 19th century.  An appropriate theme given these continued attacks on the Sioux and the Native American people.  Their tears continue with the assaut on basic human and legal rights against these tribes.

I am offering this original painting, created with oil paint on burlap, with found objects for $9,000.

A limited number of glysee prints on canvas will be available for $2,500 each.

Purchase is available via on the OpenRoadCreations page.