American Toile

paintings.     photography      mixed media

I am an artist working in paint, photography, and mixed media. My work contemplates religious, historic, and mythological women, personal histories (including my own), the undercurrents of contemporary society, plus the little things that sustain us (like fiddler crabs, seahorses, radishes, eggs, and fish).

I have always been attracted to projects with an environmental bend; images of horseshoe crabs and seahorses have been with me for years, as is the balance between man and his environment. My first series was called Crustaceans and Older Influences and it is still part of my works in progress. In 2023 the sub-series is called Wanderings in a Deep Blue Sea.

Creatures on this planet tend to use different mechanisms to cope with day-to-day survival. Humans are very good at compartmentalizing life as it assaults the senses and sensibilities. My studio is in a small wetland town called Crab Meadow. I regularly make the 80 mile a day journey to New York City.

Straddling both the natural world and the city world during a long commute to Manhattan, this trick of boxing things in, and taking them home, has served me well. I squirrel away discoveries for future reference. And, at the end of the day, patterns gravitate together on their own. Colors, themes, emotions and topics collide in a symphony of meanings and significance. Art itself establishes a greater scale of order – one that is larger than any individual or creature.

My work this summer is not about images from exotic travel collected, but about what you can find right here, a little north east of the crossroads of the world, if you open your eyes to see. With this work I hope to celebrate our fellow creatures, and highlight the need to protect our environment, and the beings who share our planet.

In addition to oil on canvas, I love working on non-traditional surfaces, like burlap, stone, found objects, balsa, and cigar boxes.