American Toile

paintings.     photography      mixed media

I am an artist working in paint, photography, and occasionally mixed media. My work contemplates religious, historic, and mythological women, personal histories, and the psychological undercurrents of contemporary society. I refer to my recent work as American Toile, art that reflects on the fabric of America as seen through the eyes of a woman artist working in obscurity, on the fringes of the corporate and philanthropic universes, at the crossroad of the world. It includes figurative portraiture of the living and the dead, magic realism, political commentary and occasionally fruits, vegetables and fish. In addition to traditional oil on canvas, I especially love painting on burlap, found objects, and cigar boxes.  Recent projects  use discarded slate from a former state-run (1885-1996) condemned psychiatric hospital. Now a hotspot for urbex explorers, it provides a wealth of unusual poignant pieces of history on which to work. The added symbolism using a piece of broken shelter from an insane asylum for portraits seems appropriate for our times.