According to the Tate Museum "Arte povera was a radical Italian art movement from the late 1960s to 1970s whose artists explored a range of unconventional processes and non traditional ‘everyday’ materials. Arte Povera means literally ‘poor art’ but the word poor here refers to the movement’s signature exploration of a wide range of materials beyond the traditional ones of oil paint on canvas, bronze, or carved marble. Materials used by the artists included soil, rags and twigs. In using such throwaway materials they aimed to challenge and disrupt the values of the commercialized contemporary gallery system." Assemblage was one of the movements that grew out of the Povera movement that I embrace.

The slate, collected at the base of a condemned insane asylum, seems a perfect material for both these genres with a world gone mad in 2016, and since. I also have a collection made with the flotsam and jetsam found after Hurricane Sandy. The symbolism of broken shelter and the remnants of human life found on the shoreline seem appropriate for these pieces commenting on the trauma of society, the futility of seeking nourishment from stone, and the sacrifice of both the planet and mankind from natural and man-made disasters.