I am an artist working in paint, photography and occasionally mixed media. For the past decade my focus has been on trauma, politics, and protest, with earlier work contemplating the balance/battle between nature and man. Since 2020, the new theme of pandemic was added.

My early works reflect a classical approach to oil painting. After an Italian residency, I fell in love with the Arte Povera movement, and their use of raw, everyday materials. It was then I began to explore painting on other surfaces such as burlap and slate with a looser style in paint. I especially love using discarded slate from a former state-run (1885-1996) condemned psychiatric hospital. Now a hotspot for urbex explorers, it provides a wealth of unusual poignant pieces of history on which to work. The added symbolism using a piece of broken shelter for portraits or nourishment seems appropriate for our times. Art is not always a pretty picture for decoration, it can and should reflect the life around us.

Pendulum was the heading I worked under for years. It acknowledges the muse swing between paint versus photography, nature versus nurture, earth versus man, decay versus rebirth. Recently, I have been working under American Toile, where art meets the fabric of America. It looks at the life around me, family legacy, and the ghosts, living and dead who can haunt us.