Washed in on the Salt/Wilderness of Salt


Virginia Mallon Fine Art



“There is no foreign land, it is the traveler only that is foreign"

Robert Louis Stevenson

Hooks, Nails & Bones

An arte povera project which pairs paintings, photos, and assemblage using mementos and found objects for symbols of contemporary life.

Who we used to be

A series about the discovery of lost family and the legacy of intergenerational trauma.


A series of lullabies, nursery rhymes and cautionary tales for contemporary women.

Portraits on Slate

A series of portraits on slate of friends, family and celebrities.


Circus examines the good, the bad and the ugly of American life, politics and policy.

Wilderness of Salt 

Explores the female perspective on loss and regret. 

Small Nouishments

A series of superfoods painted on slate.

Summer of the Pandemic

A series from the pandemic quarantine on residents of the Northshore of Long Island.

Crustaceans and Older Influences

Older work in paint.

Waiting for the Dark to Settle

A series in photography about vision, visions, and blindness. 

Eighty Miles a Day

A series of images which capture the ever-changing ambiance of New York's rural to urban landscape as seen through a dirty LIRR window.

Chasing Saturn 

Folds Greek and Roman mythology into contemporary images of domestic and child abuse.

At the Gnaw

About the ongoing battle of man versus nature, of life that is consuming a life that once was.

Wake of the Dutchman 

A collection of images documenting a rich purgatory of old wooden ships waiting for rebirth. 

Bird On a Wire

Reflections from a life on the borderline of NY's two largest boroughs with a diaspora to nowhere.

Fall of the Booker T. Washington Summer Home

Documents the slow decay and destruction of this African American's landmark home.


And life surrounding the second shift of humanity.

Human Mien

Street photography and portraits.